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This is a place to share my work! Whether it is for potential commissions, to network my abilities with other professionals, or just a place to celebrate me! I get no greater thrill than executing a successful photo shoot with a model, hair stylist, make up artist, wardrobe stylist, or another photographer and be able to spread the word on the experience. If you inspire me you will receive: continuous support, networking opportunities and ideas for future creations.

I think out of the box and I challenge the status quo--my entire portfolio is focused on learning,  mastering a new technique, and moving on. I rarely shoot the same style twice. You will not see my name pigeonholed into one genre
. You will see some very old photos in my portfolio, I simply enjoy sharing my journey of discovery. Recent work is at the top of each page. If you desire to create an image which will take your breath away and give you memories for a lifetime, let's do it. 

Genuine smiles only.